Friday, 14 September 2012

My Mummy cwying

Oh Bernie is vewy sad cos my Mummy come home cwying. Her fwend bwing her home. Dat is My Shell. My Mummy is vewy tired fwom going to see Gwand-da evewy day wif Gwand-ma and cos she doing lots of school work for de childwen. My Mummy was wowwying about my Gwand-da. Bernie was wowwying too.
My Gwand-ma and My Shell tell my Mummy to go to bed and have a dood west so Bernie get on her bed too and we had a dood sleep.
Den my Mummy gone to see my Gwand-da again and she said him getting dood.
Luv fwom Bernie


  1. It's ok sweetheart, I'm ok. I was just very tired, that's all. And I am worried about your grand da. But he will be all right soon, and he is going to come home, so that will be great won't it.
    Thank you for taking care of me. It was sad I didnt' get to stay at school, but I don't think my students would have liked it if I fell asleep in front of them would they?