Monday, 3 September 2012

Me did my job

Bernie is a dood pussy cat.
First de bong bong clock goes to sleep in de night and it do not go bong bong. But it wakes up and does de bong bong when it goes "bong bong bong bong bong bong"
Dat just de wight number of bongs so Bernie wun and say "Miaow miaow" to my Mummy, My Mummy get up but it time to take de sheet off de plants not put it on so she take it off and goes back to bed.
Den in de night me hear dat bong bong clock do de wight number of bongs again so Bernie wun to his Mummy and say "Miaow Miaow" again and dat wemind her to go and put de sheet back on de little plants .
Bernie is a vewy dood weminding pussy cat.
Love fwom clever bong bong counting Bernie.

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