Friday, 28 September 2012

Got de 'puter back

My Gwand-ma got vewy sick and my Mummy take her to de hospital. Den my Mummy bwing her  'puter dere too.
Bernie could not wite him blog because de  'puter is at de hospital.
Now my Gwand-ma is home and her 'puter is home too. My gwand-ma say she too sick to look at her  'puter so Bernie can use it all de time.
Me can look at my face book and look up all sorts of fings about how to gwow chookies.
Me found out dat chookies gwow out of googy  eggs,
Dat is dood because we has got lots of dem googy eggs in our fwidge. Dat must be how dem chookies gets in our fwidge. Me wish dem will huwwy up and gwow into chookies.
Here is de cuddles for today


Luv fwom Bernie


  1. Katy says:

    Bernie, why don't you take an egg out of the fridge and sit on it? Chickens usually sit on their eggs to keep them warm, and when they hatch there's little chicks. The mother chicken looks after the chicks, oh and if they're boys, my Mum kills them. If they're girls, you can leave them and let them lay more eggs. But you have to like worms, because you have to chew them up and throw up in the chick's mouth.

  2. Sanks you for telling Bernie all dis.
    Me went to de fwidge and twy to get a egg out but it dwop on de floor and bweak. But dat do not matter cos dere was no chicken inside dat one only lots of yukky yellow stuff.
    Me will twy again tomowwow when my Mummy stop yelling at Bernie to go away fwom de fwidge.
    Me is vewy good a puking. Would it be OK if Bernie just puke him ordinawy dindins into de chicken mouf?
    Maybe Bernie go and find some worms now.

  3. Katy says:

    Bernie, that yucky yellow stuff you found in the egg was actually where the little chick lives when it's hatching. When us girls are old enough and have babies we always have a special egg inside our tummies, unlike birds, birds lay their eggs and sit on them a long time before they can hatch. So you'd better try not to break any. Try finding a cushion or something soft so when you try and pull an egg out of the fridge it will land on there, then you have to pull it somewhere else and sit on it! Make sure you don't break the egg while you're moving the cushion. So you'd better pull it somewhere safe to sit on it for two weeks!