Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A vewy boooowing day

Today is a vewy boring day. First evewybody go away somewhere. Den dey come home and Aunty Mavis come. Den dey just sitting dere talking and talking and talking.
And me wondewing how come Gwand-da fink little Bernie talk a lot..
Me had a sleep on Gwand-ma lap for a little while.
Den my Mummy and my Gwand-ma go to the shops and dey supposed to get chookie for Bernie but now dem come home and dey do not get it.
Dem is soooo forgetful.
Hmmmm Me has to send dem a email and wemind dem.
Dat might work
Me send a email to say "Buy lots of chookie for Bernie"
Or maybe me can find out how to buy dat chookie on line.
But me need to find out de password for de Paypal account.
Oh dear dat a pwoblem. Bernie does not have a cwedit card or a paypal account.
Bernie does not even have any money.
Oh no .
How me going to get some nice chookie to eat?
Luv fwom cwanky Bernie

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