Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tidy Mummy's bedwoom

Today Bernie was helping his Mummy to tidy up de study part of her bedwoom. She had lots and lots of books dere what she use to make dood lessons for her childwen.
Bernie twy to put dem back on de shelf in de wight place but dem too heavy. So Bernie bite dem. But dey get wipped. Oh No!
Den a ball of wool fwom my Mummy knitting fall on de floor.
Bernie say "Miaow" what means "You is a naughty ball of wool. Get back in de knitting bag". But it do not get back in. So Bernie bite it and it twy to wun away. Den it put its long woolly self all over de place. It go under de bed and Bernie chase it and bwing it out but it go wound de chair so Bernie chase it under de chair and it woll under de desk. What a naughty ball of wool.
Den me hide behind de desk and wait to pounce on it. Just den my Mummy come and say "What happened? How did this wool get everywhere?" and Bernie say "Miaow" what means "It is a naughty ball of wool what wolled evewywhere" but my Mummy pick it up and she say "Oooh it is all soggy! Have you been chewing it Bernie?"
Bernie say "Miaow" what means "Me twy to catch it" but my Mummy say "Well you did try to be a good pussy cat but in future leave the wool alone because I do not like soggy wool."
OH dear. And Bernie is such a dood wool catching pussy cat.
'Luv fwom dood wool chasing Bernie.


  1. Thank you for your help darling boy, but if there is a way you can help without getting things soggy that would be very good.
    But I love you anyway.

  2. Hughie says:

    You're a very weird Bernie! Why don't you just ice cream your face?

    Katy says:

    What does that mean?

    Hughie says:

    Put an ice cream on your face! And you could make you Mummy into an ice cream!