Thursday, 16 August 2012

Poor little Bernie

Today evewybody is wousing at Bernie.
Me did not do anyfing naughty just a little wee on my Mummy carpet but it nice clean wee.
Den just because me twying to talk to Gwand-da all de time and tell him all de news, Gwand-da tell Bernie to stop talking and be quiet or he  do somefing what was big howwible words what Bernie do not understand.
Bernie is such a dood dood pussy cat and me is a vewy fwendly pussy cat what chat to evewybody so why do people wouse at poor little Bernie?
Me vewy sad.
Luv fwom sad Bernie

1 comment:

  1. Yes You're a very friendly pussy cat, but I do wish that you had not done that wee on my carpet. It might be a very clean wee, but it is still smelly!
    But I love you anyway.