Monday, 13 August 2012

Fixing de parfs

Today we fix some parfs so dey can get made soon. Bernie watch carefully so me know how to do dat.
My Mummy got a big pink parcel fwom our vewy dood fwend called Seher. It got lots of Bernie's favouwite dindins in it and some knitting books and some other fings.
Bernie has to tell his Mummy to huwwy up and make all dem dindins so Bernie can eat dem up before dem gets stale.
Dat is vewy important about dindins. You must not let your dindins get stale.
My Gwand-da and my Gwand-ma were pulling weeds out of our new lawn. Dey are going to teach Bernie how to get weeds out wif my little paws so Bernie can help. First me has to learn which ones is de weeds. Dat is a vewy hard fing to learn. My Mummy would not be vewy happy if Bernie pulled out all her tulips and daffy dillies.  Me will not pull out de woses because dem is pwickly.
Soon Bernie will know all de flowers in our garden and if it is not a flower it will be a weed and Bernie will pull it out.
Bernie is vewy clever.
Luv fwom Clever Flower Knowing and weed pulling Bernie.

1 comment:

  1. Hughie said:

    You will know which ones are flowers and which ones are weeds. The flowers will have petals and the weeds will just have leaves.

    Katy said:

    Except some weeds will have flowers. And some weeds can be herbs and they're useful, even if they're poisonous.

    Hughie said:

    Some plants help sore butts and tummy aches and hurts get better. Some weeds that are good for you you can swallow make your tummy stop hurting.

    Katy said:

    And one weed called a dandilion sometimes it can be a weed - it's your choice!