Sunday, 26 August 2012

More chookie

My Gwand-da buy anuvver chookie and Bernie can smell it but nobody will let Bernie eat it.
Oh Miaow ow ow ngow.
Dat exactly de fing what Bernie say when he wishes someone would give him some of dat chookie.
Dis morning Aunty Mavis come and visit but Bernie do not get a cuddle. Me forgot.
Dis afternoon we all go out to do fwont garden and weed one of de pwetty gardens. Den we put stuff on it to stop more weeds gwowing. Me do not know how de weeds know dat dem is not supposed to gwow dere when dat stuff on it. It look like dwy gwass.
Now my Mummy gone somewhere and we not allowed to have dindins til she come home. Bernie stand at dat fwont door and miaow weal loud to call her home so we can have dindins and Bernie can have some chookie but she do not come.
Luv fwom hungwy Bernie


  1. I'm sorry darling boy. But you've had some now, so that's good isn't it? Was it yummy?