Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Me and Gwand-da

JUst me and gwand-da here today.
My Mummy is at school teaching de childwen
Some of dem is my fwends on facebook.
One day me is going to sneak in my Mummy bedwoom and look on her desk and find de answers to de homework and me will put it on my facebook so my fwends can see it. Hee Heee. Dat will twick my Mummy.
Me did not do anyfing today just snooze and sometimes chat to my Gwand-da.
Me is talking to him again.
Me is a dood pussy cat.
Me does not hold a gwudge.
Especially since me had pea and ham soup for lunch.
Bernie loves pea and ham soup.
Luv fwom Bernie


  1. Hughie says:

    Pea and ham soup? I do not like pea and ham soup. Why do you like pea and ham soup? Dindins is just lots of food. And you are a silly poo!

  2. Miaow owww oowww Bernie cwying now cos my Hughie say me a silly poo.