Saturday, 25 August 2012

Dat wobber came again

Dat norty wobber what eat all our chicken came again.
Bernie was sitting near de fwidge asking for some chicken for a little snack and Gwand-da looked in de fwidge and dere was no chicken in dere.
Gwand-da say "There is no chicken in there! The naughty robber must have come and eaten it all again. Look Bernie!" and Gwand-da pick Bernie up and show him in de fwidge. It twue. Dere was no chicken in de fwidge. Me wish me could catch dat norty wobber and bite him on de bum.
My Aunty Kim came to visit.  Bernie was sitting outside on de back patio and Bernie wanted to come in de door. Evewybody tell Bernie to go in de cat door. Dat embawwassing! Bernie do not want his Aunty Kim to see him coming in de cat door.  Bernie wait until she not looking den me sneak in de cat door. Den me go to my Aunty Kim for a cuddle.
Den me sneak out de cat door and wait at de door again so Aunty Kim will not n otice dat bernie must have come in de cat door.
Den me go wound to my Mummy bedwoom and go in de door at her woom. Bernie is allowed to go in dat door cos dat is Bernie woom too.
Now my Gwand-0da is going to get lots of chinese dindins for us tonight. Bernie like chinese dindins like his Aunty Lily. Bernie is soon going to learn how to use chopsticks.
Luv fwom Bernie'

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  1. Katy says:

    You're the burglar who keeps eating the chicken. You just keep eating food and then walk off and when you come back and when you come back you forget you have eaten it.