Saturday, 18 August 2012

Peoples needs to know sumfing

Bernie is still not talking to Gwand-da. Me just sit dere and have a little snooze.
Dis morning me went outside and watch my little birdie fwend when she came to eat dindins in our garden wot is not a dood garden yet but it will be one day.
That little birdie was not fwightened of Bernie. She just hop awound and show Bernie how she can fly and flutter.
When Gwand-ma open de door, Bernie go inside cos it cold out dere.
Bernie was sitting on Gwand-da shoes and Gwand-da want to put dem on.
Gwand-da say, "I want to put my shoes on now Bernie" so Bernie lean wight over dem and get comfable having a little west on dem.
Dat is important you know.
If Bernie wants to have a west on someone's shoes, den dat is de important fing. Someone shoud not take shoes away fwom Bernie when he is westing on dem.
Also Bernie is now back to being de butler in dis house. When me hears a car come to dis new house, me wun outside fwough de laundwy cat door and me wun awound to de fwont and me buttle dem inside de house.
Luv fwom dood butler shoes westing on Bernie


  1. Katy says:

    Why didn't you just choose a bag to sleep on?

    Hughie says:

    A banana! Bernie! You're a silly poo!

    These blogs are very funny. Can you keep writing them every day. And what does "meowmeowmeowmeow" mean?

  2. Sometimes me sleep on my Mummy handbag. Dat is a vewy dood idea fwom Katy.
    Dat meowmeowmeowmeow means Gwand-da is gwowing bunny wabbit ears.