Sunday, 12 August 2012

Vewy nice dindins fwom my dood fwend Seher

My dood fwend Seher send us some litta packets wif dindins in dem. My Mummy make dat dindins and Bernie helped.
First my Gwand-ma put dat fwozen chicken in de micwowave to thaw out. My Gwand-ma say "Tell me when it is thawed out please Bernie" and she go to do some works for my Unca Tim on de 'puter.
Den Bernie say "Miaow" but my Gwand-da say "Liar liar Your pants are on fire" because him say dat de micwowave is not finished. Dat silly. Bernie do not wear pants.
So Bernie wait. Me sit on de bench and me watch dat chicken going wound and wound in de micwowave. Den de micwowave go 'bing' and den Bernie say Miaow again and my Mummy say someone has to cut up dat chicken while she go to de shop and buy some other things to put in it.
Bernie say "Miaow" what means "Bernie will cut it up" but Gwand-da come and he cut it up but dat is OK because he give some to Bernie to taste and make sure it is dood chicken.
Den my Mummy make dat vewy nice dindins what my vewy dood fwend called Seher send and it taste vewy nice and Bernie is allowed to have a little bit. (Bernie has lots of little bits. Me get some fwom my Mummy and some fwom my Gwand-ma and some fwom my Gwand-da.)
Luv fwom Bernie

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  1. Aaww bernie, you are welcome! :) Tell your mum there is a package on it's way and we hope it will get there tomorrow! but your grandpa should open it! ;)

    And wow! You are sooo spoiled!!!! getting chicken from everybody!!!