Friday, 16 March 2012

People away but Bernie busy

Evewybody goned away today but Bernie was a vewy busy pussy cat.
First me did a load of washing in dat washing machine because it too hard to lick all dem clothes clean.
Me did not peg dem on de line cos me can't weach de line and anyways it look like it gonna wain soon.
Den me fink me might make a nice dindins for evewybody but me can't cut fings and me can't work dat stove and me can't get a saucepan out or anyfing like dat so me just has a litta snack out of my bowl and dat was vewy nice fank you.
Den me twy to jump up on de letter box and get de mail but de lid opens on de top so how can you open it if you is standing on it?
Wot a noosance!
Den me go into my Mummy bedwoom to make de bed but it OK so me just test it out and have a litta nap on it.
Next me do some of Gwand-ma knitting. Dat ball of wool was wound up in a tidy litta ball but me soon fix dat. It needed to get some air on it so me bwing it outside and wound de twee and wound de bush and up past de pomegwanates and out de back gate and down de lane and den wound to de fwont of de house and wound de chair on de fwont dewandah.
My Gwand-ma will be vewy happy when she see how nice and aiwy dat wool is now.
Den me find some important papers what my Gwand-da was weading but some of dem words spelled wong so Bernie bite dem out.  Me spit dem bits of wong words out on him computer so he see how dood Bernie help him.
Den me find my Mummy camewa and me take lots of pikchas on it for her.
Dem looks a bit funny but dat because de battewy gone flat after me taking all dem pikchas.
Wow what a busy pussy cat I beed today.
Luv fwom Bernie


  1. Hughie says:

    Bernie you're very silly your Mum won't like it and Grand Da won't like it!

  2. Katy says:

    My brother is right. You are rather silly! Grand-Da actually those words were spelled right, just you didn't think they are because you're a pussy cat.

    Hughie says:

    And because pussy cats can't write!

    Katy continues:

    Something that would be really helpful was if you left Grand Moogi's well, you had just looked at the newspaper, and you hadn't taken photos of the camera. Oh, silly Bernie!