Monday, 12 March 2012

Happy Birfday to Katy

Me does not have moneys so me cannot  buy a pwesent to send to my Katy for her birfday so me wite a poem. It take me two days to fink of dis poem.

Me tell my fwends next door dat me witing a poem for  my Katy and dey send a speshul message too. Wani (wot Gwand-ma calls Rani) is a big black girl doggie and George is a litta white scotch tewwier looking doggie and Wosie (wot Gwand-ma calls Rosie) is a litta black and ginger girl pussy cat wot is a vewy dood fwend of ours)

I luv my litta Katy fwend Miaow
She weads my blog and understands miaow
She has two piggies and a Desi cow
But they can never understand miaow

I’d like to give her hugs but don’t know how
She lives so far away miaow miaow
So me just wites dis birfday poem now
To send my luv to Katy Oh miaow

My Katy learned to count, me don’t know how
I get it all mixed up and say miaow!
Cos Miaow miaow is all that I can say
But Katy finks I’m clever anyway

My Heidi wants to send a gweeting now
She says to tell you “mow miaow and mow”
And George just fwowned and knit his busshy bwow
Then wagged his tail and sent a big “Bow wow”

And Wani fwom next door said “send a flower”
But that’s because she’s not a good miaower
And Wosie said she’d do a dance, miaow
She’ll twirl awound and finish with a bow.

My Gwand-ma and my Gwand-da send a kiss
To Katy who’s a seven year old miss
And Mummy sends her love to Katy too
Dat’s lots of love and kisses just for you.

Luv fwom Bernie

1 comment:

  1. Katy the Seven-Year-Old says:

    (and types it herself, because she's quite old now)

    you're very clever though selly