Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sleep in today

We all had a dood sleep in today.
First my Gwand-ma get up vewy early cos she say she had a dood sleep and she going to have some bweakfast and den do some works. She have some of dat bweakfast and den she make a cup of tea and she come and sit next to Bernie.
Bernie was asleep on Gwand-da chair and Heidi was asleep on her blankie. Gwand-ma sit in her chair to dwink her cup of tea and she fall asleep until a long time later when Gwand-da come out and say him not feelin dood so him go back to bed. Den my Mummy come out and Bernie get up to go and see her so she sit on Gwand-da chair and Bernie sit on her lap and we all has annuver west.
Dat a dood way to start de day. Den Aunty Mavis come and say why we still all asleep and she laugh but we all has a laugh and we all has annuvver dwink and Bernie has some dindins and Heidi has some dindins and den we all fink dat is a dood way to spend de day.
Luv fwom Bernie

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  1. Hughie says:

    It's not good to have sleeps every day. It's not good to have sleeps all the time and then keep having breakfast. Have breakfast once, have a little sleep, wake up, go and watch a movie, give my Daddy a cuddle and then do that all over again!