Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Up de lane or down de lane?

Today my Gwand-ma tell me dat my Mummy want to take me for a litta walk down de lane.
Me do not wants to walk down de lane. Me wants to walk up de lane.
Me fink dere is a big bogey mans down de lane so why me wants to walk dere?
If my Mummy twy to bwing me down de lane me might say Miaow mow which mean "You can go on yous own"
Me wish me know why my Mummy suddenly like goin down de stweet or down de lane instead of goin up!
Me wish someone tell me dat. It is a mystewy.

Luv fwom Bernie

1 comment:

  1. Hello my darling boy,
    I thought I shoudl explain what is happening with me wanting to go down the lane. I know that usually we go for walks up the lane, but if we go down the lane we will get to our new house, and we won't have to go past that big doggy (or the bogey man, who doesn't come out into the lane I don't think).
    So one day soon, when we have a chance, we can walk down the lane to our new house and you can see it, and then eventally we will live down there and it will be good fun.
    Love you baby boy.