Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Workin away

Well me been doin lots of fings today.
First me had a litta bite to eat for bweakfast den me had a litta nap.
Den me woke up and had a litta snack for morning tea den me went and had a look outside to see if any visitors coming.
No-one coming so me had a litta bit of lunch and den me had a litta afternoon nap. Den me wake up and me has a litta afternoon tea and den me walk out de back to see if anyone coming and guess what! No-one coming so me gone inside to help Gwand-da mopping dat kitchen floor.
Gwand-da vewy dood and he put our pussy cat place mat in de lounge woom wif our din dins plate on it so we can still have some dindins while dat floor gettin mopped.
Den me had to go and wescue Heidi fwom some puppy dogs what wants to eat her all up. She OK now.
Den me gone and had a look for dat emu to see if it still up dat twee but it still gone.
Den me has to have anuvver snack and den do my blog weady for when it is time for Gwand-ma to make de dindins and Bernie is de offishul tasting pussy cat.
Luv fwom Bernie

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