Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A dood day

Today beed a dood day wif lots of nice sun and cuddles fwom Gwand-da when he weading him book..
Dere was not so many of dem howwible big noisy fings walkin all over de gwass going Grrrrr Grrrrr vewy loud so Heidi and me was not fwightened.
When we went outside dis morning to play tigers in de long gwass  it was all gone. Who take our tiger playing gwass?
 Dem norty big noisy fings eat it all up and only leave litta gwass.
Me do not like dose norty big tiger playing gwass eating noisy fings what goes  Grrrrr  Grrrrr.
Only one dood fing happen today.
Litta Heidi got lots of sticky gwass stuck in her litta fur. Gwand-ma and my Mummy had to cut it off but dere was one vewy big long bit dat dey could not cut off. Dey fwightened dey cut litta Heidi skin. But Heidi got it off herself.
She so clever.
She lick and lick and she get dat yukky sticky gwass off her litta white tummy all by herself.
Me vewy pwoud of my litta Heidi.
Luv fwom Bernie

1 comment:

  1. Katy says:

    I know what it is now! It's a lawn mower! It cuts grass, so there isn't too much long grass. Dad's going to have to use a lawn mower to make my garden's grass all short.

    Hughie says:

    I think Katy's garden should be square.

    Katy says:

    No, it's a circle. I'm going to have a pond in my garden, with a lemon tree and lots of flowers around it.