Sunday, 11 March 2012

Vewy excited

Me is a vewy happy pussy cat cos me finished witing dat poem for Katy for her birfday.
Now me just has to wait until tomowwow when it be her birfday and me can put it on my blog and she can wead it.
Me vewy excited about dat. Me hope my Katy will like it. Bernie will wun and do him blog vewy early tomowwow morning not late in de night or in de afternoon.
A stwange fing happen today.
Gwand-da dwive de car wound on de back gwass and he give it a barf.
It beed vewy dirty cos de gum twee dwopped all de flowers on it.
Now Gwand-ma dwived de uvver car wound de back and wash it too.
Dem cars must like having a barf cos dem did not twy to wun away while dem having a barf.
Me and Heidi always twies to wun away when we has a barf.
Luv fwom Bernie.

1 comment:

  1. Hughie says:

    That's because cars can't move without humans.

    Daddy says:

    Some cars can't move at all, like our stupid car!

    Katy says:

    I hope my poem is good. I'm really excited to know what it is!

    Hughie says:

    I'm waiting till my birthday! And I hope you write a poem for my birthday, because I like Bernie's poems! I might like Katy's poem!