Monday, 5 March 2012

Happy catties

We is happy pussy cats today cos we can go outside and play. But first Bernie has to tell you about last night.
Bernie went outside to have a litta walk in de dark. Pussy cats like having a litta walk in de dark cause we can see in de dark.
Anyway me was having a litta walk in de dark when anuvver norty pussy cat came past and he wanted to climb up our twees and get dat litta birds what was in our twees singing nice night time songs.
Bernie say MEAOW Grrrrr   what means "You go away and leave dem birdies alone" but dat norty pussy cat say Grrrrrrr again what means "I gonna get dat birdie you betta get out of my way"
So Bernie Grrrrrrr very loudly and we has a fight.
But my Mummy hear me wousing at dat pussy cat and she come out. Just den dat pussy cat wealise dat Bernie is a big stwong pussy cat and he betta wun away. And my Mummy come and pick me up and cuddle me and make me look like a old softie cat.  Why she has to pick me up and cuddle me just when I winning dat fight?
Dat vewy embawwassing. She bwing me inside but me do not want a cuddle. Me mortified. Bernie has his pwide you know. Bernie twying to maintain him self wespect but My Mummy make dat vewy hard.
Oh well me made dat norty pussy cat wun away and it do not hurt dem birdies cos dem fly away when dey hear pussy cats.
Luv fwom Bernie


  1. Fine Bernie, I won't cuddle you any more. I was worried you were hurt and I wanted to check but next time I won't bother. :p

  2. Hughie says:

    And cats can't fly!